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percy jackson series (HOO)
smut series
Chances of Starting?: ★★★★★
Length: One-Shot Series
Summary: Emotions are unplannable, uncontrollable, and often acting against us. Sometimes you get swept up, sometimes others get do too--
and, sometimes, you're swept together.
Not all things end in disaster, but perhaps disaster is not such a bad thing.
hunger games
Chances of Starting?: ★★☆☆☆
Pairing: YOU/KATNISS everdeen
Length: One-Shot or 2/3 Chapters
Summary: You never believed in any person more than you believed in her and, while she may have never given it much thought, you knew that she believed in you. You both promised never to get married, never to have children--the games were too brutal, too terrible.
"We'll just live together, you and me."
And you soon realized, your heart never truly started beating until she uttered that short sentence.
percy jackson series
Chances of Starting?: ★★★★★
Pairings: YOU/NICO di angelo
Length: Multi-Chapter/Series | spans all books
Summary: Being a half-blood was difficult--especially when you had no idea who your godly parent was. You didn't mind, being a kid surrounded by magics and friends and adventures was sure to satisfy anyone. When a new demigod named Percy Jackson appears at Camp Half-Blood, you know he brings excitement and thrills along with him.
And one thing you don't yet realize, is that he will also lead you to the one person who will make you come undone.
And simultaneously rip your heart out at the same time.
percy jackson series (hoo)
Chances of Starting?: ★★★☆☆
Pairings: YOU/NICO di angelo | YOU/PERCY jackson | YOU/THALIA grace | etc
Length: One-Shot series
Summary: All you want to do is show everyone who uptight they are. No one wants to have any fun anymore! You make a joke and you're labeled 'insensitive', you pull a prank and you're called 'a jerk'.
Well, maybe everyone should just stop keeping secrets and live free.
.... or maybe everyone should just stop telling you secrets.
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