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Pairing Title Update Length Fandom Summary
CHARLES xavier Pride Comes Before The Fall 5% on CH2 4349 X-Men You weren't the only one born like this, but you didn't want there to be. You didn't want others to face the same fears you had to endure every day. "We’re offering you the ability to be with others like yourself. To learn, to grow, and to protect. To do something with the powers we were given--to help the helpless and defend the defenseless. To be more, and do more, than any of us could do on our own."
PEETA mellark OR GALE hawthorne No Use In Being Useless 15% on CH8 50708 HUNGER GAMES Your games left you shattered, a splintered form left behind by the deaths of those you cared for. You watched the man you love die protecting you and then found yourself crowned a Victor.
And now the Quarter Quell is here.
And you're determined to spare Katniss and Peeta the pain you've had to endure. Even if it costs you your life.
CRAIG tucker The Party 5% on CH3 5198 SOUTH PARK Sometimes, what happens at the party just needs to stay at the party. However, when you live in South Park, nothing can ever stay anywhere and if everyone doesn't get out of your business you will end them.
LOKI laufeyson You'd Never Know I Scream For You 10% on CH2 1728 THOR/MARVEL This planet was a limpid cesspool of peons and insects, and he would rule them all to prove just how above them he really was.
But he did not take into account one who thought herself even farther above him, and she revealed to him all that he had rejected.
BRUCE wayne There Are Entire Lives I've Destroyed 30% on CH5 32563 BATMAN/DC Lives are turned upside down every day--people lose their loved ones, people lose their shelter, people lose everything. There's nothing you have that can't be taken away, that's just how things are. But it isn't your life nor past that dictates what you are. It's your actions that shape who you are and what you'll become.
5 OCS Where Not Even Gods Tread 5% on CH6 66310 Original You, the Goddess of Earth, have chosen to lead a group of warriors to fight the coming evil and dethrone the Gods that were so drunk with power.
OCs: ERION quinox; DIANON vilanis; FEARAH galain; MIKEIL harkken; OBSIDIA darkfin.
NAOTO shirogane The Things That Change Us 5% on CH14 90122 PERSONA 4 Naoto Shirogane was this famous detective that everyone was talking about, you hadn't ever seen him but he sounded like quite the looker. You weren't sure of it the first time you saw him, but something was stirring in your chest like a torrent and it hurt. Something was changing.. and you know now that you can't stop it.
TIM drake And Darkness Encases Us 5% on CH2 | rework 10400 BATMAN/DC The League was the only thing you'd ever known, the only thing you cared about and you will get what you deserve no matter what you have to do. You don't care about anything else, your cause would reach fruition and they would all pay--they would all pay. What was innocence anyway?
You couldn't tell the difference.
WILLIS Black Balloon 20% on 2nd Set of 10 1557 DIGIMON Everything that happened was by chance, everything that would happen now was by grand design. But... you weren't sure if it could last or even if you were strong enough to keep your grip.
"Comin' down the world turned over, and angels fall without you there. And I go on as you get colder or are you someone's prayer?"
KEN ichijouji Maybe I Want To Be Like You A Little Bit 20% on 4th set of 5 2716 DIGIMON You could never be sure of what he was thinking but there was one thing that you were absolutely certain of: there's a part of him that hides behind his eyes, a part that you want to pull out.
But you can't touch it, perhaps because you're both so different.
"Lucid hearts are defective products of this world. That’s why I badly want to taint mine. They tell me that if you love, you start to take after each other; maybe I want to take after you a bit."
CAINE; elliot; TUCKER; nash; WARREN Music Speaks For Us 80% on CH2 3030 HOROSCOPE series by perfect-to-stay
No two people heard any one song exactly the same and, more often than not, it seems like you aren't hearing what others seem to be.
NICO di angelo Angel One-Shot 1628 Percy Jackson Your mind splinters without him, fractures and opens wide into madness and despair. But you would wait forever.
SORA/you/ROXAS Blackness Echoes One-Shot 1078 KINGDOM HEARTS He was perfect, ethereal and beautiful standing there with his bright smile and innocent stare. He was pure, delicate, while you were tainted and broken--you would destroy him, you can't risk damaging something so perfect.
You lie and cheat and break--and when you care about something, you want to destroy it until it's becomes nothing.
KENNY mccormick Either Way One-Shot 3937 SOUTH PARK Either way, it doesn't matter where you end up. And, either way, it doesn't matter if you die lying in the streets or in some crummy motel somewhere. Either way, it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you can feel something. Either way, it doesn't matter. Either way...
ROXAS This Is For You One-Shot 2729 KINGDOM HEARTS To all of you who love Roxas, all of you who cried when he let out his last sentence before Sora awoke, all of you who always squealed at every sign of Roxas that Kingdom Hearts II insinuated…
This, is for you.
KYLE broflvoski; one-sided:WENDY testaburger We Walked in Winter hiatus 4657 SOUTH PARK I've always loved her, he's always loved him and, somewhere along the way, we lost ourselves and slipped into some kind of self hatred. I hated myself for letting myself love someone I can never have, he hated himself for simply loving him at all. They both abandoned us for each other, and we were left alone. But.. we don't want to be alone anymore.
SORA Sometimes I Feel Cheated hiatus 7040 KINGDOM HEARTS I lost many things, I lost everything I'd ever known and I don't think you realize just how weak that makes me. I see the look in your eyes while you watch me slowly break before you, I see how hard it is on you and I can honestly say that it's hard for me too. We both try to be stronger than we really are and it's tearing us down, we can't even find solace in one another. Because... I don't know if you can love someone that much and be a hero at the same time.
LEE minho Hold your Ears And Block The Sound hiatus 9089 KPOP/SHINEE There she was; beautiful, irradiant, humble, brilliant and, worst of all, endlessly kind. She was Shin Sekyung and she had stolen the heart of the man you loved: Kim Jonghyun. A close friend fervently rushes from the sidelines to help you fix what little you have left of your heart. Gripping to him in desperation and in grief, a small light is illuminating your future, the light of hope.
SETH clearwater black heart roundaround hiatus 16981 TWILIGHT When he saw you that day, his eyes wide and his mouth opened, his body swaying in reverence, you didn't understand what it meant. When it was explained to you, all you felt was shame--horrible, horrendous shame.
You loved Jacob Black, afterall. Even if Seth had imprinted with you, you couldn't find it in you to simply love him instead.
HIEI jaganshi Ascend The Burning Staircase hiatus 72210 YU YU HAKUSHO What would you do if you had the chance to go into the Yu Yu Hakusho world? Would you take the chance? What will you do if you get there, how will you cope? And what about the man with the blood red eyes so cruel that it kills you... and what about the love that blooms in your chest for him even though you loathe him at the same time.